My brother’s potting shed

My brother is moving this week, and while it’s always exciting to move on in life, it can also be very bittersweet.  He had a large, beautiful garden but I think my favorite part of it was the potting shed tucked in the far corner.

While his family was busy at their new home, unpacking and trying to make order of their new surroundings, I spent a quiet evening in their garden  saying goodbye.

I love the soft shell pink colors of the climbing ‘Colette’ rose growing along the side.  It seems to do quite well despite the fact that it gets very little sunshine against this wall. I must remember to see if there’s a spot in my garden for a beauty like this.

On the side shelf I noticed a discarded, crumpled up paper bag filled with what I thought was trash.

 Until I noticed a little wren hopping around with a little bug in its mouth.After the mother bird left, I peeked inside to find three little birds happily living in this bag.  What a happy ending to this bittersweet day!


9 Responses to My brother’s potting shed

  1. Hope says:

    Love this shed and that life is continuing on as your brother moves but nature continues. Beautiful site.

  2. lisa mitchell says:

    What a beautiful and special experience.

  3. Laura says:

    What a great garden and how sad it must be for both you and your brother to leave it. I want a shed so badly, one day…

    What a precious gift to find that bird’s nest, smart bird.

    • Hi Laura – yes, it was a stunning garden and more than a little sad to leave. But life goes on, right? And that little bird was just so darn sweet, too.

  4. Candy Suter says:

    Ah what a sweet ending! On to better things I always say, but I know it is hard! Thank you so much for sharing!

  5. I was told when we bought our home of a story of a lady who included the removal of certain plants to be moved with her. There was a great deal of discussion as the garden was what the prospective owners fell in love with. Alas, they both won. Mature plants for the Gardner and a Mature garden for the New Homeowners. (Sorry reading Jane Austen). Can he take some of the Garden with him????

    Somewhere over the rainbow is right here right now!

    • Stacy – Someday, when it comes time to selling my home, I will most definitely take some of my cherished plants out before listing it, but I’ll have to control myself as I could quickly end up with a barren landscape! He was going to take some beautiful Japanese Maples, but since he’s building a new home the chances of them surviving during the next year or so is slim to none (he’s not exactly a ‘caretaker’ in the garden!)