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I'm over-the-moon with excitement to announce that my new book, Refresh Your Garden Design with Color, Texture and Form is officially finished and will be available in bookstores next month - Oct. 20th, to be exact! After seeing a review copy for the first time last week, I can honestly say that I'm immensely proud of this book for many reasons.  Not only did Christy, the book designer, do an incredible job making it stunningly beautiful, and not only were my editors a dream to work with, but to hold something in my hands that is a culmination of my read more
   A few months ago I wrote about the fabulous day Susan Morrison and I had with the crew from Growing a Greener World (see below).  Well, I'm thrilled to be able to share the episode with you all, right here. The topic is Small Spaces, and in addition to our two cents, you'll also meet Baylor Chapman, who owns Lila B. Design, my very favorite floral design business in San Francisco. I hope you enjoy the show!   (more…) read more
  I absolutely love re-purposed items in the garden. Things that may be broken or have lost their usefulness are all too often headed to the dump.  But hold up!  Sometimes all that's needed is a coat of paint, a little sprucing up and a healthy dose of creativity to use that item in a brand new way!   Not only are these recycled items being kept out of our landfill, but they can add such a welcome personal touch to your garden. Here's a few of my favorites that I'd like to share with you... (more…) read more
If you're a gardener who loves succulents, contemporary design, chickens, canning, birds, living walls and books, then this Northern California garden shop is the place for YOU.  Just over a year old, DIG a much needed refuge from the more ordinary and commonplace garden shops which dot the coast. Cara and Will Meyers (who also own 'Hidden Gardens Nursery' just a few miles down the road) have not only created a to-die-for garden shop, but they hold seminars, book signings, and will soon be building a coffee shop right next door.  Does it GET any better? Having just finished co-authoring read more
I've just returned from Lake Tahoe, where anything green (besides the pine trees) was buried beneath six to eight feet of snow.  Even the poor trees were hunched over, already tired from bearing the heavy load of snow draped across their shoulders.  While the snowy landscape is truly stunning, I must admit that now that I'm back in my mild Bay Area climate, I'm truly enjoying my rainy but GREEN garden. As I look around my garden I can't help but notice the plants that are looking particularly beautiful - the sarcococca with its scented flowers just beginning to bloom, read more
. Wow -  beautiful, poignant and funny all at the same time. . [] . read more
Thinking of buying a fountain? Then read on before you make a HUGE mistake.... read more
Grow it Up, Build it Up, Tie it Up, Stake it Up, Prune it Up, Hang it Up, Train it Up! What's Up?   Garden Up! [] . Yes, as the song says, I'm ten feet off the ground!  I'm thrilled to be writing Garden Up! this summer with Susan Morrison, hitting stores near you spring 2011…stay tuned! read more
. A few weeks ago my friend, and fellow Garden Designer Susan Morrison, took an intensive 5-week film class where her final assignment was to create a 5 minute film of her choice. Susan approached me with her idea - creating a documentary style of film where I explain what gardening means to me. . Sounds simple enough, right?  But the more I thought about it, the tougher it was to answer.  What DOES gardening mean to me? At first I was a bit embarrassed...CERTAIN I would put to sleep anyone who watched it.  Especially the super hip 20-somethings who were read more
. . What is an Honest Scrap Award?  Well, it's not really an award, per se, but rather a "Tag - you're IT" type of post where I tell anyone who's interested 10 things about me that they normally wouldn't get from reading my blog.  In turn, I 'tag' 7 more lucky recipients with this award, and so on, and so on (kinda like chain mail)....Rachel Mathews with Successful Garden Design has nominated me as a lucky recipient for this 'award', so here goes.... . 1.  I didn't start out wanting to be a garden designer.  I started out in read more
. Roses, roses, roses...nothing says 'spring is right around the corner' more than all the bare-root roses in stock right now at the nurseries. Especially when you see their hopeful, little leaves starting to emerge from their stark stems. And now's the time to buy them, as they're such a better deal when sold bare-root ($15) versus when they're re-potted into a 5-gallon container ($35.00) And while it may seem a little early to start thinking about which roses you'd like to add to your garden this year, you'd better hurry up and decide, as bare-roots seem to only last read more
. With most of the country being hit so hard this past month with unusually frigid weather I thought it might be a bit rude to talk about the blooms that are currently in my Northern Californian garden.  Yes, I know that's the whole purpose of the Garden Bloggers' Bloom Day event, (a wonderful monthly celebration of gardens, created by Carol over at May Dreams Gardens) so instead, I thought I'd show a different type of flower that's blooming in my garden.... (more…) read more
  Pruning hydrangeas in Northern California is entirely different from the colder parts of the country. What you read in most gardening magazines doesn't always apply here because our hydrangeas are looking pretty awesome right now! I mean really...who in their right mind would want to prune off these gorgeous blooms! The photo at left was taken December 7th and see how beautiful my hydrangea bush still looks? Many garden magazines are printed back East, where their hydrangeas are already covered with a lovely blanket of snow, securely tucked in for the winter. Here in the Bay Area, though, most read more
It's been a cold and frosty December, and this is the time when I begin to receive daily emails from people asking how and when to prune their perennials. Here in the Bay Area (USDA zone 9b) most of our gardens are still looking pretty good.  While some of the more tender annuals are long gone (see you next year coleus), a few of our perennials are fast asleep (anyone seen your phlox lately?), and for the most part our deciduous shrubs are hanging in there (spireas, mock oranges and hydrangeas are still covered with leaves and flowers). Heck - read more
. Here in Northern California (specifically the Bay Area - USDA zone 8b), ornamental grasses can look fabulous all the way through December.  But once the temperatures start to dip and the occasional frost hits, the grasses start to lose their form and color and one day you walk outside and all you've got is a big, messy clump.  Because our winters tend to be mild (average lows here are in the mid-30's) those grasses can 'hang on' for quite awhile... half alive-half dormant.  Many of my clients aren't really sure when to cut them down, or even HOW to read more
Yes - it's true. I had the Swine Flu. How to enjoy your garden while lying in bed sick as a dog, for an entire week..... read more
Oh, how I love succulents. Here's some info on them and a video showing how to transplant these little guys.... read more
Cool containers for your garden - most of them you probably have lying around! Plus, a great video on How To Plant A Chair... read more