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Drought tolerant superstars for the fall garden

dsc04484After a lifetime spent gardening in California, one thing I’ve learned is there’s drought tolerant, and then there’s drought tolerant.  Many plants that claim to be low-water might do okay for the first year or two, but soon ‘cry uncle’ when blasted with year after year of unrelenting drought.

As a designer, it’s a constant challenge to find beautiful and unusual plants that don’t just eek along in these difficult conditions but to discover those that actually thrive.  And that’s the key word here, having a garden that truly thrives.

As we steadfastly head into what looks to be our 6th or 7th year of drought (I’ve lost count by now), I thought it would be helpful to share my seasonal favorites that do really well in my garden, as well as those of my clients.  From this point on, every month or so I’ll be writing about my seasonal favorites that thrive throughout different times of the year.  Most of the plants I’ll feature are several years old and are well-established, only requiring water twice a week (sometimes only once!) during the hottest summer months.

So here they are – my drought tolerant superstars for the fall garden…


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